[14 November/Dairy News]

Westland Milk is set to hit a savings target of $78 million says Chief Executive Toni Brendish in the co-op’s latest annual report. The savings are equivalent to $1.20/kgMS for the co-op and its 350 farmer shareholders. Westland Milk has been through a troubled past few years, posting a break-even profit of $29, 000 before tax for the financial year to July 31st. Shareholders expressed their discontent with the company and prompted leadership change. Ms Brendish is spearheading the company through this recovery period and has had a positive effect on the culture of the co-op. Westland Chairman Pete Morrison said that the 2016-17 financial year for Westland Milk Products was characterised by challenge and change. He confirmed that shareholders were now showing more confidence in the company.