[02 September/Rural Life] Pig farmers are being reminded to review their biosecurity protocols in the wake of the African Swine Fever outbreak, especially after concerns that it may have now hit the Philippines. In particular, farmers have been asked to look at arrangements for no-contact time and staff stand-down periods after overseas travel. Also, no pork products of any kind, local or imported, should be brought on to a pig farm. Testing is under way to determine whether the increased mortality rate near Barangay San Isidro in Rizal was African Swine Fever, and it was understood to be under a quarantine zone. NZ Pork general manager David Baines said the outbreak, if confirmed, was a real concern for the industry as the disease comes closer to New Zealand. Due to declining production levels and an overall shortage of supply, pork prices in August had exceeded the previous record set in 2016, and were expected to rise further. Poultry would benefit most from the pork substitution although production and prices for all animal proteins were expected to rise in 2019 and into 2020 according to reports.