[10 July/ NZ Farmers Weekly]

Ministry for Primary Industries Readiness and Response Director Geoff Gwyn said the country’s biosecurity system would be unsustainable in five years, and this big challenge must be collectively addressed with effective leadership and governance. Mr Gwyn noted the biosecurity risk that tourism brings, and said transparency is the key to solving this. Foundation for Arable Research Chief Executive Nick Pyke said biosecurity readiness and response was a complex issue for the arable industry and stakeholders must collaborate with the Government Industry Agreement (GIA), adding that a GIA around biosecurity would work across the industry. An arable GIA has been postponed for over 18 months due to serious pest incursions. Mr Pyke said the industry is back on track to have an incorporated society established by September 2017 to deliver an interactive approach to prepare and respond to biosecurity with industry signatories and Government.