[5 November/NZ Farmer]

MPI believe that they will know by early December whether they are on the right track to eliminate Mycoplasma bovis when the latest round of bulk milk testing will be completed and the results analysed by a team of international experts. There are currently 33 infected properties and 42 properties which MPI has lifted the infected property status freeing the farmers to start farming again. MPI’s Director of Response, Geoff Gwyn, said that the number of infected farms is moving in the right direction adding that while things look encouraging that is not a reason to think those properties under regulatory control across New Zealand are not feeling the strain of having or potentially having M bovis. Mr Gwyn said the latest round of testing had highlighted only three new infected properties, all of which were already part of a network under surveillance, which was also encouraging. He also explained that MPI was no closer to understanding how the disease had entered New Zealand but investigations are continuing.