[28 September/Rural News]

Biosecurity Minister, Damien O’Connor, wanted every New Zealander to contribute towards biosecurity as part of the Ko Tatou This Is Us campaign. It was an independent biosecurity brand aimed to connect New Zealanders to help protect the country from pests and diseases. Mr O’Connor said with biosecurity in the spotlight due to recent events, it was the right time for New Zealanders to stand up and take action on biosecurity. He added it kept everything that shaped our unique way of life safe. The campaign included a video which featured a kuia looking back on her life and urging New Zealanders to understand everything is finite and fragile. It also focused on appropriate biosecurity behaviours and actions. The three core areas were moving people and goods, vigilance and readiness, and pest and disease control. Mr O’Connor thanked those who shared their personal connection to biosecurity as part of the campaign.