[6 March/ Stuff]

New Zealand King Salmon has fast-tracked a new harvest method after the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) notified King Salmon that two shipments were turned away by border authorities and held for a three-day routine testing. The salmon shipments contained isoeugenol, a naturally occurring compound in clove oil-based sedative product, Aqui-S, which King Salmon used during harvest. King Salmon Chief Executive Grant Rosewarne said exports to the US had been without incident for 20 years, and isoeugenol is a generally regarded as safe product found in many food products globally. Recent US legislation interpretation held that while it is generally regarded as safe for consumers, it is not to be used to harvest of salmon. Mr Rosewarne added although it caused slight disruption, the company quickly replaced the use of Aqui-S to a pump-based system. The new system will improve harvesting process efficiency, having the ability to process up to 5000 fish an hour.