[28 September/Stuff]

The North Island’s first offshore fish farm was possible after permission was granted to apply for resource consents to farm kingfish. Waikato Regional Council granted   Pare Hauraki Kaimoana authorisation to apply for consents. It would occupy 240 hectares in the Firth of Thames. The space was around 10 kilometres offshore from Coromandel Town. The company had two years to prepare and submit an application. Thames-Coromandel Constituency Councillor, Dal Minogue, said the existing industry in the area employed 550 people and generated just under $100 million. He was excited at the prospect of additional jobs and more than $50 million in revenue. Pare Hauraki Kaimoana had two years to apply for resource consent, with its Chairman, Harry Mikaere, saying it was a big opportunity for the iwi and it would lodge the consent by early next year. He added fish would be exported to high value markets including China and Japan.