[2 March/Otago Daily Times]

With sea temperatures well above average, a record $15.7 million first-half profit for New Zealand King Salmon has been tempered by a second-half profit warning. King salmon estimated second-half profitability to be lower due to lower sales volume, a de-acceleration of harvesting, increased fish mortality and increasing feed costs.  Chairman, John Ryder, said the company was able to deliver additional volumes due to favourable growing conditions and strong demand, however warned that the situation for second-half trading was more challenging. King Salmon’s biomass was up 9 percent at the end of December with 6,684 tonnes of salmon in its pens. Mr Ryder added that their higher-flow sites have lessened the impact of sustained heat, although has caused associated performance and survival challenges. King Salmon said it would continue to push for more of its salmon farms in the Marlborough Sounds to be moved following a report by an independent panel.