[2 October/The Country]

Ruapehu District Council Waste Minimisation Educator, Emily Jasmine, wanted to help bees in the district. She ran a workshop to make environmentally friendly beeswax wraps. It was so successful, she felt that she had to help the bees make the wax. She said bees needed to consume 3kg of honey to produce 500 grams of wax, so it was a lot of work. To help out, she was giving away 50 packets of bee-friendly wildflower seeds. Bees forage on wildflowers and other plants for nectar and pollen. These provide carbohydrates, and protein for growth, and the energy they need to make honey and wax. Planting bee friendly gardens was one of the easiest ways to help out. To enter the draw to win a packet of the seeds, all you needed to do was take a photo of your beeswax wrap in use, or of a bee in your garden.