[28 September/The Country]

A review has been initiated by the Department of Conservation after a 1080 drop was initiated, resulting in the death of cows. It said the step was to provide public confidence in its operations. Eight cows were found dead following the drop. Two cows were confirmed to have ingested the poison. DoC said cattle did not have access to 1080 bait on farmers’ paddocks. A post operational inspection showed a gate had been pushed over. DoC added they had permission from the landowner for the operation to include part of their land, and provided them with information. They also received written assurance from the land owner that they understood the details of the operation. Landowners guarantee their stock would be behind secure fences. DoC Acting Director General, Mervyn English, said the review was important to ensure the public had confidence in the professional discipline Doc brought to its operations. Waikato District Council would undertake the review.