[08 February/Rural News]

AgResearch’s Winnchmore Research Station, northwest of Ashburton, is up for sale. AgResearch says its science programmes will not be affected by the sale. The site is currently leased to a private farmer till the end of the 2019 harvest and is run as a commercial operation. The grazing and arable property has contributed to at least 500 agricultural science publications over 72 years. Crops on the land this season include potatoes, wheat, barley, maize, peas and specialist seed crops. A fertiliser trial that has been running since the 1950’s will continue on 4.1 hectares of the property as per the Fertiliser Association of NZ’s agreement with AgResearch. The 308 hectare farm is being subdivided into two, wither side of the Dromore Methvan Road, with the larger parcel of 247 hectares which is on the north side being subject to the current open-market sale offer. To be sold by the end of February.