[Foodnavigator.com/ 13 June]

Ingredion, a global ingredients solutions business, has issued its predictions of what food will look like in 2020 in a new report, 2020: The Future of Simple, Natural and Clean Label Food.  Key trends in the report include the growing desire for imperfect products as consumers, especially Millennials, grow weary with carbon copy products the pressure to produce uniformly perfect products will fall, requiring many food organisations to have to rethink their processes which have been designed to deliver standardised products.  The report notes a desire for home-made style food will support a growth in frozen products, which many consumers consider to be the next best thing to making the product from scratch.  Ingredion suggest that scent will increasingly be used as a way to market food and connect with consumers, requiring food producers to place greater focus on the overall sensory experience of their products.  There is also expected to be a significant simplification of labels in the next few years, with consumers favouring clean labels with clear and precise information about ingredients and sourcing; more information on the package but presented in a simpler and less busy way.