[19 February/The NZ Farmers Weekly]

Lincoln University will undergo significant change to solve the grand challenges of the land based sector based on a report from the University’s Transformation Board. The institution aims to change from a stand-alone traditional university to an enabler of collaborative initiatives involving multiple parties and various academic fields of study. Lincoln University Vice-Chancellor, Robin Pollard, said they had set a target to become a globally ranked top-five agriculture university and a top-five university in New Zealand. He added that this is a radical change for the university, and anything short of a radical structural change wouldn’t be sufficient. He suggested it would take about four to eight years to implement the changes. They plan to get multiple initiatives started early in 2018, and to develop other initiatives as they grow. Lincoln has already committed more than $1 million to a recruitment drive to attract international researchers to head Lincoln’s initiatives projects. He claimed whoever is best equipped to do the job is welcome at Lincoln, both for education and research.