[12 March/Massey University]

Fatima Imran, a first year completing a Bachelor of AgriCommerce at Massey University will join a panel to discuss the future of food production in New Zealand with industry leaders. AgResearch Future Feeders is a headline event of New Zealand AgriFood Week. Fatima Imran says she is not worried about the other panellists, which include Mark Piper from Fonterra, Jolon Dyer from AgResearch, and Rob Ward from UK-based company Grocery Accelerator. Miss Imran got involved with the event whilst completing a summer internship at KPMG, stating the point of the panel is to see what panellists see happening in 2050 surrounding food production. Miss Imran believes that New Zealand should be protecting and also improving itself, saying that New Zealand needs to gain confidence the country’s abilities. In 2017, while Miss Imran was a year 12 student, she spoke during a series of future leaders’ events around various Field days encouraging students to engage with agriculture classes as they offer a variety of skills to be obtained. Massey University and Mt Albert Grammar have been working together for a number of years to expose more students to the opportunities in agriculture. Massey will be bringing a small group of students from Mt Albert Grammar to the University around Fieldays to experience what studying agriculture careers are like.