[14 June/NZ Herald]
In its latest edition of Agribusiness Agenda, KPMG said agri-food sector success was dependent on placing consumers at the centre, and farming needed to move to a market, value-based focus. KPMG Global Head of Agribusiness Ian Proudfoot said creating and capturing value fell on people and organisations involved in the industry, and working collaboratively will ensure a sufficient pivot to a market-focused, value-based culture to better capture opportunities. The Agribusiness Agenda considers how to capture the quarter of a trillion dollars New Zealand products realise in-market and contribute more to domestic prosperity. Mr Proudfoot said the industry must collectively focus on food and beverage, fibre and timber consumers. Key points of the Agenda include the increased priority of provenance branding, securing high-quality trade agreements, action needed on water and the environment to preserve the “license to operate”, growth of alternative proteins, necessary biotechnology regulatory frameworks, and data control and opportunities to monetise it.