[24 October/The Country]

Tourism and food and beverage exports delivered 62 percent of New Zealand’s export earnings in 2017. However, according to a report from ANZ and the MPI Economic Intelligence Unit, more could be done to link the two and lift earnings. The New Zealand Food & Agri Tourism Insights report showed that food tourism in New Zealand generated higher earnings for each visitor than non –food tourism. Over 60 percent of food tourists sought out products when they got home. ANZ Managing Director Commercial & Agri, Mark Hiddleston, said there was a great opportunity for our primary sectors. New Zealand’s food and beverage experience ranked second lowest among all categories covered by visitor satisfaction surveys due to a lack of variety and quality and high perception of cost. The report looked at the percentage of tourists from different countries who participated in a food-related activity while in New Zealand. Farm or orchard visits were the most popular.