[10 April/NZ Farmer]

According to Fritha Tagg, a Far North beef farmer was not afraid to use the latest technology to good advantage. Six generations had farmed the O’Callaghan farm. Technology has turned the marginal land into a first-class beef-producing farm. Rachelle O’Callaghan, who is the sixth generation on the land, said she never thought about coming back up there and was stunned when she was asked if she wanted to buy the land. She moved to the farm with her young family. The farm now has 2000 cattle and only 82 sheep. They were introduced to the concept of technograzing and implemented two systems on their paddocks. They became a monitor farm with Beef + Lamb NZ which gave access to experts who helped them learn how to run the systems to their full potential. They now have 10 techno systems on the farm, according to Ms O’Callaghan. Technograzing had improved pasture quality and fertility without replacement of pasture species.