[14 June/Halter Press Release]

Halter has raised $8 million in Series A funding to guide and manage livestock using artificial intelligence, sustainably increasing production at New Zealand dairy farms while saving billions in labour costs, improving environmental compliance and animal welfare. It announced it would commercialise its patented technologies that shift and manage livestock, starting with cows, an AI-powered point and click application in combination with proprietary Cowgorithm which controls how the cows are moved around the farm. Halter had developed a solar powered intelligent neck band to direct cows. Using its app, farmers could set schedules where herds are guided to and from the milk shed, receive alerts when cows were showing signs of poor health, and set virtual fences keeping cows out of rivers and drains. The financing round was led by DCVC. Halter founder and CEO, Craig Piggott, said they were looking to provide technology for the future of dairy farming globally.