[28 August/Stuff: Business Day]

The Pure Food Company is working with Metlifecare, the retirement home operator, to trial a new way to serve up soft food to residents that struggle to eat solid food. The company has developed plastic moulds that the food can be shaped into to make the purees more visually appealing. Moulds include chicken drumsticks, steak fillets, carrots and peas. The initiative started when Pure Food Company saw research that suggested consumption grew by around 20% when food looked more visually appealing. People eat with their eyes and any restauranteur wanted to give their diners a positive experience, according to Metlifecare’s food and beverage manager, who added that the trial had not seen any residents suffer weight loss. Creating purees that are able to be moulded was a significant challenge for the company, as it needs to have a consistently smooth texture, be able to avoid separating on reheating and deliver good consistency and taste. Puree Food Company has recently moved to its own facility having spent three years as a start up at South Auckland’s FoodBowl.