[29 August/Stuff Lifestyle]

New Zealand food organisation, ConversatioNZ, is now Eat New Zealand it announced at its third symposium held in Wellington. The organisation has also teamed up with the Restaurant Association of New Zealand, meaning it represents some of New Zealand’s best chefs, producers, food media, event organisations and tourism operators. The goal of the two organisations is to develop a platform that enables travellers to the country to find out more about New Zealand food. Eat NZ CEO, Angela Clifford, said that New Zealand’s ingredients have international profile but it is often difficult to explain our food culture or show people what New Zealand food really is. Speakers at the symposium included New Zealand born chef, Ben Shewry, of Attica restaurant in Melbourne, New York Times food critic Jonathan Gold and a panel that included KPMG’s Agri-Food Director, Vanessa O’Neill.